A Radical Rethink Of NZ Museums | 100 Museum Animals Killed | LACMA’s Troublesome Signs | UK Collection Curators Gain Support | Superstitious Shoes & Ancient Pipes

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Subject: A Radical Rethink Of NZ Museums | 100 Museum Animals Killed | LACMA’s Troublesome Signs | UK Collection Curators Gain Support | Superstitious Shoes & Ancient Pipes
Date: March 24th 2019
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**  81 scientists call for radical rethink of New Zealand museums
The petition follows national and international outrage over Te Papa's decision to axe two world-class scientists, in a controversial restructure that critics have argued jeopardises critical and irreplaceable knowledge and would compromise the care of the national collections.

**  Are stealth marketing techniques appropriate to use in museums?
These are the ruthless stealth tactics that people associate with supermarket giants, but free museums and galleries are now copying retailers’ psychological strategies to persuade visitors to hand over their cash.

**  Museums alone added $5.3 billion to the US economy
The US Bureau of Economic Analysis and the National Endowment for the Arts has released a report with a stunning takeaway: that the arts contribute $763.6 billion to the US economy - 4.2 percent of the GDP - more than agriculture, transportation, or warehousing.

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**  Get to Know the Leading Ladies of Science at the Smithsonian
An intern at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History combined art with science to create unique portraits of some of the Museum’s female curators from past and present.

**  Troublesome signs in LACMA’s risky reorganization plan
Without fanfare, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has taken a momentous step; separate curatorial divisions for American art and for European painting and sculpture are now united under a single department head.

**  China’s Art Collectors Open Up About How China’s Art Market Works
The research also highlights that without a tax benefit system in place for cultural philanthropy efforts, a number of private museums in China will have difficulty surviving over the next ten years.

**  From Stone Age chips to microchips: How tiny tools may have made us human
Anthropologists have long made the case that tool-making is one of the key behaviours that separated our human ancestors from other primates but a new article argues that it was not tool-making that set hominins apart, but the miniaturization of tools.

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**  Belgium’s Africa Museum reopens, as country confronts its violent colonial past
The years-long renovation of Belgium’s grand museum devoted to Central Africa was intended to overhaul an institution that was packed with racist images of Africans as savage, sexualized creatures, in exhibits barely touched since the heyday of the country’s domination of Congo.

**  The Bowers Museum Opens Its Guo Pei Couture Exhibition
Guo held court among her pieces, greeting visitors without a wisp of the jetlag she undoubtedly would have felt having flown in from Beijing.

**  Otters love it! Inside Windermere's magical new £20m museum
Standing as a cluster of dark sheds huddled at the water’s edge, north of the village of Bowness, the £20m Windermere Jetty Museum of Boats, Steam and Stories is hard to spot at first.

**  Come for the colon, stay for the skulls
The Mutter Museum’s collection of morbid curiosities is world-renowned, but prospective audiences often gravitate to the all-star attractions: the mega colon, Einstein’s brain, the plaster cast of the conjoined twins and the Soap Lady.

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**  UK Curators gain support for collections research
The Headley Fellowships with Art Fund will provide £600,000 over the next three years to UK curators to realise ideas for engaging audiences, as well as to broker new relationships and share knowledge with museums and peers across the country.

**  DNA on ancient tobacco pipe links Maryland slave site to West Africa
One day about 200 years ago, a woman enslaved on a tobacco plantation near Annapolis tossed aside the broken stem of the clay pipe she was smoking in the slave quarters where she lived.

**  The Reading Museum Bayeux Tapestry
This unique, full-sized copy of the Bayeux Tapestry woven by 36 women from the Leek Embroidery Society in 1885 sports a few modern additions, including underwear

**  The 10 Best Museums in Tokyo
As anyone who has every dined, partied, or simply wandered around the city will attest, Tokyo marches to its own infectious beat, so it makes sense that the Japanese capital’s many museums are a far cry from the stodgy mausoleums of yesteryear.

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**  Surprise Superstitious Shoe Find At Chatham Historic Dockyard
Looking at folklore, concealing garments and shoes in buildings is a mark of superstition in almost every county in the UK; the reasoning to this placement is a superstitious belief that the objects are believed to bring good luck to those within the building and the building itself.

**  100 Museum animals feared dead after fire
The 14-acre site has twice-daily animal and reptile shows, and houses animals, birds and reptiles including parrots, macaws, raccoons, rabbits, pythons, boas, lizards, hissing cockroaches and tarantulas.

**  What the world's oldest eggs reveal
At 195 million years old, they are the earliest known eggs in the fossil record, and they were all laid by a group of stem sauropods—long-necked herbivores that ranged in size from four to eight metres in length.

**  Hida Space Science Museum KamiokaLab To Open
The museum was built by Hida-city so that people can see and experience the world of astrophysics experiments, such as Super-Kamiokande, KamLAND and KAGRA at any time.

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**  Ancient Babylonian Artifact Seized at London Airport Returns to Iraq
British officials intercepted an artifact smuggler at Heathrow airport who was attempting to sneak a valuable ancient stone into the UK.

**  Museums + Heritage Awards For Excellence 2019 Shortlist Announced 
The UK Museums + Heritage Awards, now in their 17th year, have just released their shortlist

**  UMAC 2019 Pre-Conference Workshops
1 September 2019, Kyoto University Museum

**  The Moon in the Age of Photography
National Gallery of Art Gallery

**  This Week's Horoscopes
Virgo - Humiliation will be yours this week when astronomers discover four large satellites orbiting around you.

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