Museums Versus Authoritarian Governments | Money, Ethics, Art: Can Museums Police Themselves? | Museum's Vice Chair Complicit in War Crimes? | Museum Makes Cheese From Celebrity Navel Bacteria | Mawkish Monuments And A Beach From Hell

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Subject: Museums Versus Authoritarian Governments | Money, Ethics, Art: Can Museums Police Themselves? | Museum's Vice Chair Complicit in War Crimes? | Museum Makes Cheese From Celebrity Navel Bacteria | Mawkish Monuments And A Beach From Hell
Date: May 19th 2019

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**  Rising Threat: Museums Versus Authoritarian Governments

Most museums’ stated values are explicitly antipathetic to the values of populism and nationalism: a commitment to freedom of artistic expression, to scientific method, to intellectual scepticism and an aspiration to objectivity and reason.


**  Money, Ethics, Art: Can Museums Police Themselves?

In short, in the space of barely a year, the very foundations of museums — the money that sustains them, the art that fills them, the decision makers that run them — have been called into question.


**  Van Gogh's gushing letter to art critic goes on show in Amsterdam

Having passed through the hands of private collectors around the world, the letter had been purchased in 2007 by the murky Aristophil investment scheme, the world’s biggest buyer of historical manuscripts, before an auction where the Van Gogh Museum had hoped to secure it.


**  Project at Whitney Biennial Reveals Museum Vice Chair’s Company May Be Complicit in War Crimes

When arms traders support culture, they end up being, in return, reputationally supported by cultural and symbolic capital.




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**  Mawkish monuments and the beach from hell: our verdict on the Venice Biennale

I ran away from Russia, and not for the first time, unable to bear the Rembrandtian gloom, the spectre of Christ and the burning soldiers, and all the other paraphernalia in this overcooked mess of a pavilion.


**  Where Does The Original End And The Copy Begin? (And Don’t Even Mention Fakes)

A Blanton Museum of Art exhibition argues that copies, despite the negative connotations associated with the word, are not inferior to so-called “originals”.


**  Adventures In Pricing: Art Gallery Of Ontario Rethinks Who Pays What To Come Inside

The Art Gallery of Ontario is introducing a new pricing structure where all visitors 25 and under will be free; visitors over 25 will be able to buy an annual pass for $35 dollars.


**  There Are Many, Many, Many, Many Theories About Leonardo

The artist, inventor, and all-around Renaissance man has been dead for half a millennium, but there’s no end to the wild sleuthing about him and his work.



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**  Gold Hatpin Potentially Owned by Edward IV

A woman sweeping through a field near Horncastle, Lincolnshire, in 2013 with a metal detector uncovered an impressive gold hatpin that could have belonged to the Yorkist king or a member of his court.


**  Hokusai: the father of manga?

The vast phenomenon of popular manga publishing in Tokyo, as we enter the Reiwa era of new Emperor Naruhito, is startlingly reminiscent of the vast phenomenon of popular print and illustrated books published in Edo in the late 1700s and early 1800s.


**  New Zealand's major museum investment is an urgent call to action

Te Taiao Nature, a NZ$12m permanent nature zone, explores New Zealand’s natural environment, from Maui’s first landing on the pristine coast at Bruce Bay, to the threat of predators, climate change and pollution in the modern world.


**  British museum displays cheese made from navel bacteria of celebrities

To make it happen, the bio-designer, Helene Steiner, took bacteria samples from the skin of the five subjects—specifically, from their armpits, noses, and navels—then used microbiology to take those teeny tiny bits and make them into starter culture.



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**  With a Little Help From A.I., the Dali Museum Brings the Famed Surrealist to Life

The museum worked together with a San Francisco advertising agency to accomplish this, feeding hundreds of news interviews (both written and video), quotes from his autobiography and other written works, and archival video footage into an artificial intelligence system to recreate the artist.


**  The Prittlewell Princely Burial

Archaeologists discovered an extraordinary Anglo-Saxon princely burial in Prittlewell in 2003, but many of its secrets remained hidden, only to be revealed as experts began their painstaking research.


**  Dinosaur With Bat Wings Was More Than Legend

Chinese scientists first thought it was a prehistoric bird, until chipping away at the fossil revealed surprising features.


**  Auschwitz Museum protests death camp images on skirts, bags

The Auschwitz Memorial and Museum has complained to an e-commerce site that was selling miniskirts, tote bags and other items printed with photos of the former Nazi German death camp where around 1.1 million people were killed during World War II.



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**  Long lost Steamboat Malta found under Missouri farm land

The town of Malta Bend has waited centuries to find its namesake and is eager to know and see the treasures contained below the surface.


 **  Gutted and broke: Brazil's National Museum pleads for money

Brazil's devastated National Museum is broke and cannot afford storage for artifacts rescued from the ashes of the gutted building, its director says.


**  Toledo Zoo unearths oddities ahead of new museum opening

Two rooms on the lower level originally used as storage and prep areas, likely since the museum opened in 1938, had been packed full over the years with hodgepodge of items.


**  Is there a culture of exclusion in museums?

The conversations around indigenisation and decolonisation of museum spaces, and developing our respective museological practices, is a shared conversation across international borders and multiple settler colonial histories.



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**  Museums as Cultural Hubs: the Future of Tradition

ICOM Kyoto 2019


**  Conference on Fossil resources

Tate Conference 2019


**  Arts Patronage in Modern America: An International Conference

University of Oxford


**  This Week's Horoscopes

Taurus - You’ll worry about your mental health when your dog suddenly begins speaking to you in a commanding voice, but all it seems to want is food, water, and the occasional walk.


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