Docent Transitions

From: "Candie Waterloo [email protected] [talk at]" <[email protected]>
Subject: Docent Transitions
Date: June 11th 2019

Hello all -

I am in the process - as I'm sure many of you are - of reforming my docent program. I inherited the program from a predecessor who had been at the institution for 41 years, which means that I also inherited a lot of history and some docents who have been around just as long. As I'm at an academic museum, many in my group have been trained as "art historians", and I am shifting us towards a more visitor-centric pedagogy.

I am wondering if any of you can shed light/insights to the following concerns and/or best practices (if you implemented such changes at your respective institutions)

  1. Seasonal docents - do you have docents who only tour/attend meetings seasonally? If so, how do you justify this compared to docents who tour/participate all year long?
  2. Docent tenures - do you have limits on how long one can be a docent at your Museum? If so, what is the criteria for making this decision?
  3. Phasing out docents - I have many docents who no longer tour, but still attend meetings. This is leftover from my predecessor who was trying to find a way to keep them engaged with the Museum. My concern is that these docents are actually interfering with my docent training as there are too many of them and it disrupts the numbers - and my ability to good group work. Have you had to phase out docents? If so, what was your criteria? How was this managed?

I appreciate any advice and thank you in advance!


Candie Waterloo, Curator of Education

Chazen Museum of Art

800 University Avenue

Madison, WI 53706

E: [email protected] / P: (608) 263-4421

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