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Sustainable Ice Cream Workshop Inquiry

May 27th 2019

Good morning,   Our museum has a very popular ice cream making workshop that we run for a few large events in the year. In its current form we use gallon sized ziplock bags to hold the ice and salt, and smaller ziplock bags to hold the ingredients. While this works very well, it means that we go through a lot of plastic, and are looking at a more sustainable option. Does anyone else run a similar experience with more sustainable supplies? For reference, the last time we ran this event over the course of an even ...Continue Reading

Museums Defence Against “Returnism” Rubbished | Nothing To See At This Belgium Museum | Game Of Thrones Museum Opens | Palaeontology’s Answer To The Mona Lisa | UK's Science Museum Showing Off 'Lost' Treasures | Statue of Liberty’s Middle Eastern Link

May 26th 2019

Welcome back to GLOBAL MUSEUM, your award-winning & free online compendium, read weekly since 1998 by 8,000+ readers in more than 201 countries.**  Why Western museums should return African artifactsThe defence against “returnism” is the same defence museums give for their existence: they are custodians and conservers of humanity’s cultural and natural treasures.**  What should be displayed in a museum dedicated to Former Australian PM Bob Hawke?Beer cans, cigars and that l ...Continue Reading

Program planning + project management platforms

May 21st 2019

Anyone using a project management platform like Microsoft Team, Asana, Trello, etc for program planning? Would love to hear about some examples of how you are using it for long term planning and more immediate tasks. Thank you! Truly Matthews Curator of Education *Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art* 2200 Parks Avenue Virginia Beach, VA 23451 757-425-0000 x329 VirginiaMOCA.org__ *Currently on view in the Towne Bank Galleries: */The Rest of History New Waves 2019/  / *Currently on view on the Communi ...Continue Reading

2 Job Opportunities at the Cleveland Museum of Art

May 21st 2019

Hello Museum Friends,   I am replacing myself as Dept Director of Studio Programs, as well as filling the position of Manager of Family and Youth Engagement at The Cleveland Museum of Art.   Please let me know if you have questions about this positions. Best,   *Susie Underwood* Interim Dept. Director of Studio Programs Public and Academic Engagement The Cleveland Museum of Art 11150 East Boulevard Cleveland, Ohio 44106-1797 T  216-707-6866 www. ...Continue Reading

Professional Development Opportunity

May 21st 2019

Drawn to Learn: Visual Strategies for Student Success June 14, 2019 This unique one-day conference for K-12 teachers and museum educators will be held at the Toledo Museum of Art on June 14, 2019. Highlights of the event will include a keynote from Scott McCloud, American cartoonist and comic theorist, and featured presentation by Wendi Pillars, author of Visual Note-taking for Educators. In addition, a variety of breakout workshops meeting Ohio Learning Standards, ranging from reading currency to classroom fi ...Continue Reading

RE: Docent Evaluation

May 20th 2019

At the CAM, we approached this very much like Megan did.  I assembled an ad-hoc group of docents to discuss why we evaluate docents and what we all stand to gain by improving the process, and that led to us collaboratively writing an observation form.  Our staff observes each docent once every three years.  This gives staff fewer people to evaluate each year and the docents time to process feedback from staff before their next observation. I’m in the process of overhauling the observation form that ...Continue Reading

RE: Docent Evaluation

May 20th 2019

Hi Kimberly, We’ve recently overhauled our evaluation process and, one year in, are pretty happy with the buy-in and feedback we’ve gotten from our docents so far. We started by asking /docents/ to come up with criteria they thought should be evaluated so that they were involved in the process from the very beginning. (We used Guiding is a Profession as a jumping off point for these discussions.) These discussions with our docent corps helped to write a rubric for staff observations that both staff and docents a ...Continue Reading

Re: Docent Evaluation

May 19th 2019

Hi Kimberly,Not sure if anyone put you on to the Museum Ed website... if not, it is a good place to start for all sorts of resources including evaluation.Best,PamOn Fri, May 17, 2019 at 2:42 PM Kimberly Washburn [email protected] [talk at] <[email protected]> wrote: Please forgive me if this topic has been covered. Would anyone be willing to share the procedures and/or a rubric for evaluating docents? I would love to see how your institution is providing actionable feedback to docents tha ...Continue Reading

Museums Versus Authoritarian Governments | Money, Ethics, Art: Can Museums Police Themselves? | Museum's Vice Chair Complicit in War Crimes? | Museum Makes Cheese From Celebrity Navel Bacteria | Mawkish Monuments And A Beach From Hell

May 19th 2019

Welcome back to GLOBAL MUSEUM, your award-winning & free online compendium, read weekly since 1998 by 8,000+ readers in more than 201 countries. **  Rising Threat: Museums Versus Authoritarian Governments Most museums’ stated values are explicitly antipathetic to the values of populism and nationalism: a commitment to freedom of artistic expression, to scientific method, to intellectual scepticism and an aspiration to objectivity and reason. **  Money, Ethics, Art: Can M ...Continue Reading

Fundraising—An Essential Element of Leadership in Museum Education

May 17th 2019

Hello Educators attending the 2019 AAM Annual Meeting— Registration for this workshop closes at midnight and space is limited.   On-site registration is not an option, so PLEASE use link below. *Fundraising—An Essential Element of Leadership in Museum Education* *Are you hungry for knowledge and raring to make sure your education programs get the funding they need and deserve to thrive? Well, join FLAME (the Forum for Leadership in Art Museum Education) for this lunchtime program where you will learn critica ...Continue Reading
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