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RE: Social Media Policy

September 19th 2019

Unless we have a legal  “media release form” from parents, we only take pictures from far away and of backs of heads- or we take close ups of hands doing something “active”- anything that does not show a face or other distinguishing feature. The releases are very hard to get from a general school group but usually we can get them from kids participating in one of our paid camp or homeschool day programs where the parents have to actually register the kids and there is lots of other paperwork involved. Cheers ...Continue Reading

RE: Does your organization use Personal Portable PA Systems?

September 19th 2019

Hi Sarah, We have the Williams Sound System (like _these_, but we ordered a set with a lot more receivers). We use them with groups of visitors who may have trouble hearing. Our visitors love them! They are very easy to use, the sound quality is clear, and you can change the receiver channel so you can have a few different tours going on very close by and they don't disrupt each other. The only con we have discovered is that the ear pieces are not very comfortable for visitors with hearing aids or wear glasses be ...Continue Reading

Social Media Policy

September 19th 2019

Would anyone be willing to share their institutions policy on the taking of pictures of school groups/students in galleries and the use of these images on the institutions social media pages? Thanks so much, Jessica   *Jessica Bush, *Museum Curator County of Passaic, Department of Cultural & Historic Affairs 973-706-6640 ext. 2243 Office Hours: M-F 9:00am – 5:00pm “for it is a _fixed_ principle with me, that whatever _is done_ should be _well done_.”          &nbs ...Continue Reading

RE: Does your organization use Personal Portable PA Systems?

September 19th 2019

Hi Sarah, We started giving interpretive grounds tours we call history hikes a few years ago and we use a Shidu SD-M800 voice amplifier.  You can buy them on Amazon for roughly $90 with a Bluetooth mic, they have a cheaper version with a corded mic, but I highly recommend the wireless option.  The voice amplifier is great for larger groups, noisy areas or if the person leading the tour is on the quieter side.  We have found using this simple way of voice amplification to be both cost efficient and ef ...Continue Reading

Does your organization use Personal Portable PA Systems?

September 18th 2019

Hello Everyone,   Drake Well Museum and Park is looking into purchasing Personal PA systems for our tour guides to use while giving tours of our grounds.  Does your organization use them?  Do your visitors appreciate them?  Have you had success with them?  What are the pros and cons?    *Sarah Goodman**|Museum Educator 1                  * Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission** *Drake We ...Continue Reading

⭐️ Metropolitan Museum of Art Theft Used To Be Easy | Art Handling Danger Epidemic | Experts Find Dundee's £80m Museum Boring | V&A Director Defends Fossil Fuel Funding | Dinosaur DNA Hurled To The Moon? | An Eerie First Look Inside Franklin's Terror

September 14th 2019

Welcome back to GLOBAL MUSEUM, your award-winning & free online compendium, read weekly since 1998 by 8,000+ readers in more than 201 countries.**  It used to be super easy to steal from the Metropolitan Museum of ArtThe theft of a 3,000-year-old Ramesses VI gold ring wasn’t even noticed until they sold the $50,000 piece for $5,000 to a jeweller on Lexington Avenue — who then called the Met and offered to return it for a reward.**  Danger Epidemic in Art HandlingAs they rod ...Continue Reading

Visitor Services Manager at Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art

September 13th 2019

Dear Colleagues, The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art has an open position for Visitor Services Manager. The Visitor Services Manager collaborates across the institution to ensure that all visitors are met with an inviting and dynamic first impression of the museum and leave equipped to engage more deeply with the museum on multiple levels. This position is central to the advancement of audience loyalty, encouraging membership sales, and attracting both new and repeat visitors through close collaboration with the ...Continue Reading

Scheduling Guided Tour Alternatives

September 13th 2019

Hello everyone,I am the School Programs Coordinator at Munson-William-Proctor Arts Institute and our museum is experiencing the pleasant challenge of a large increase of school tours this year. Our docents are already stretched quite thin. My question for the group: Does anyone use an alternative format of tours that you find effectively handles large groups, for example, self guided tours?What form does it take, do you use handouts or send a preview information packet to the teachers? Do you increase the ratio of ...Continue Reading

Early Bird Discount! Project Management Workshop, Oct 17-18, Nashville, TN

September 13th 2019

Workshop: Project Management for History Professionals Project Management provides valuable instruction in planning, managing and successfully completing projects of all types. In this workshop, you will learn how to implement internationally recognized project management principles in a history context. Instruction will cover all of the details in the four steps to successful project management: [*]Define (creating a project charter, setting initial objectives, identifying risks and constraints, and more) [*]Plan ...Continue Reading

RE: warning sign for visible/audible stimuli?

September 11th 2019

Persons with the following conditions should not experience this attraction/exhibit/etc.: Medical Sensitivity to Strobe EffectMedical Sensitivity to Fog EffectSensitivity to Loud and Sudden NoisesMotion Sickness or DizzinessEtc. The above cautions/warning should be sufficient for persons with epilepsy, autism, or any other condition that might be of concern for the impacted patrons. David   *From:* <> on behalf of Gerrie Bay Hall ghall@Intrep ...Continue Reading
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