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Re: Blended docent programs?

February 25th 2021

Re: [talk] Blended docent programs? Hello - Interesting discussion thread. At our museum we have docents of all ages (ranging from 17-92). We do not distinguish among the docents in terms of age, but use the criteria of commitment, skill, and content expertise. Our interpretive volunteers are all in the same "bucket," so to speak, with people achieving docent-in-training and docent status as they get deeper into the museum's content and develop their interpretive skills. All of them are ...Continue Reading

CALL FOR PROPOSALS | Cultural Accessibility During and After COVID-19: Two-Day Virtual Panel

February 25th 2021

CALL FOR PROPOSALS | Cultural Accessibility During and After COVID-19: Two-Day Virtual Panel [1]CALL FOR PROPOSALS DUE MARCH 15 Cultural Accessibility for Visitors with Disabilities During and After COVID-19: Two-Day Virtual Panel Discussion Chicago Accessibility Consortium (CCAC) and the Museum, Arts and Culture Access Consortium (MAC) are partnering together to offer two panel discussions that will explore: Day 1: will focus on the Present: how organizations that have reopened dur ...Continue Reading

RE: Blended docent programs?

February 25th 2021

RE: [talk] Blended docent programs? Candie, I don’t have experience with a “blended” program, but I’m intrigued by this question. You seem to be presenting this an either/or. People are either student docents or adult docents. Why are these exclusive? Aren’t they all docents? Are there differences in training or expectations? If so, why do they need to have the same title? At our museum we have volunteers filling over a dozen different positions, including several who are public-facing. Doce ...Continue Reading

Virtual Gallery platform suggestions

February 25th 2021

Virtual Gallery platform suggestions Hello Educators! We're working with a local school district to create a virtual gallery for student art and would like to be able to post both still media and video. Does anyone have recommendations for a low-cost virtual gallery platform? We're looking to post roughly 300 artworks/videos. Many of the platforms we've come across are subscription-based services and we really need a one-off platform for the end of the year. Please share any platforms you've h ...Continue Reading

Blended docent programs?

February 25th 2021

Blended docent programs? Hello all – I’m writing from the Chazen Museum of Art at UW-Madison. I’m wondering if any of you manage blended docent programs? We’re in the early stages of developing a student docent program, but we have also a longstanding docent program of volunteers who are our greatest ambassadors of the Museum. If your museum has both student and adult docents (for lack of a better descriptor), what does the relationship between the two look like? Alternately, have any of you ...Continue Reading

Looking For A Career Change? | More Museum Jobs Posted In Global Museum Daily | Check Them Out

February 24th 2021

Looking For A Career Change? | More Museum Jobs Posted In Global Museum Daily | Check Them Out Greeting to the list, Here’s a small (and some of the latest) sample of the scores of jobs available in the JOBS section of Global Museum at any one time: ** Executive Director Port Angeles, WA ** Maintainer/Packer-Registrar New York, NY ** Digital Asset Manager Springfield, IL ** Education Specialist Boise, ID ** Museum Collections Manager Washington, D.C. ** Curatorial and Project Assistant Riv ...Continue Reading

🍆 Sarah Lucas

February 24th 2021

=?UTF-8?B?8J+NhiBTYXJhaCBMdWNhcw==?= Hello everyone! Join us for a peek into the oh-so-evocative world of YBA Sarah Lucas. I invite you to join the team and I, tonight at 7PM EST for Considering Art : Considering Nudity as we continue to expand our FREE public programming. More info below. About this event. Sarah Lucas is an English artist and part of the generation of Young British Artists (YBA) who emerged during the 1990s. Her works frequently employ visual puns and bawdy humor by incorpora ...Continue Reading

🚀 Museum Scientists Help Search For Life On Mars | Deeply Ashamed Museum Guides Speak Out | Bad Ad Director Steps Down | Traumatized Historians & Editorial Freedom Fears | Did The Louvre Just Ruin Its Mural?

February 24th 2021

=?UTF-8?Q?=F0=9F=9A=80_Museum_Scientists_Help_Search_For_Life_On_Mars_?= =?UTF-8?Q?=7C_Deeply_Ashamed_Museum_Guides_Speak_Out_=7C_Bad_Ad_Director_S?= =?UTF-8?Q?teps_Down_=7C_Traumatized_Historians_=26_Editorial_Freedom_Fears?= =?UTF-8?Q?_=7C_Did_The_Louvre_Just_Ruin_Its_Mural=3F?= Welcome back to GLOBAL MUSEUM, your award-winning & free online compendium, read weekly since 1998 by 8,000+ readers in more than 201 countries. [1] ** Natural History Museum scientis ...Continue Reading

Free Webinar: Succeeding as a Young Museum Leader

February 24th 2021

Free Webinar: Succeeding as a Young Museum Leader Free Webinar from the Texas Historical Commission Just a Millennial Girl Living in a Museum World: Succeeding as a Young Museum Leader Thursday, March 4, 10:00 a.m. CT Have you ever been the youngest person at the table AND also been the one in charge? This free webinar will explore patterns of how different generations work, highlight some of the best aspects of varied generational approaches, and share examples from the career of a mille ...Continue Reading

Opportunity for Art Educators

February 24th 2021

Opportunity for Art Educators Teach at the Museum Art School! The VBMA’s Museum Art School seeks proposals from artists and art educators to lead online classes for adults in the following areas: art history, art appreciation, photography and editing, digital drawing, portrait drawing, mixed media, collage, watercolor painting, acrylic, oil painting, and fiber arts. Candidates must apply through the museum's website: [1]Teach at the Museum Art School | Vero Beach Museum of Art (vbmuseum.or ...Continue Reading
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