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Re: Time Ticketing System

September 18th 2020

Re: [talk] Time Ticketing System Hi Sarah,Check out Appointlet. It's what we decided to use since we also had no budget, and the need to begin scheduling museum house visits. The guest can self-schedule using a link we place on our web site. You set it up to have whatever duration time slot you prefer, whatever time range you want. We do have a fee so they just pay when they get here. What I love is that it auto-populates our shared google calendar with the chosen date/time and booking party. You ...Continue Reading

Re: BIPOC language in style guides

September 18th 2020

Re: [talk] BIPOC language in style guides Hi Gerrie- I won't say this has been adopted institution-wide, but myself and some of my colleagues in education and external relations have been using "A Progressive's Style Guide" as a reference for a few years now: [1] All the best, Amy Amy Briggs Kemeza Pronouns: she/her Tour Programs Manager Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston 25 Harbor Sh ...Continue Reading

BIPOC language in style guides

September 18th 2020

BIPOC language in style guides Hello all, My team is planning on offering virtual programs this fall about the experience of BIPOC sailors who served onboard our ship from World War II through the 1970’s. As we write the language for the programming we have had a lot of discussion around the language to use. Most of us (some BIPOC to be clear) are on the same page but we are still wondering in general how other education departments are navigating the African American/ Black, Latino/a/x ...Continue Reading

Time Ticketing System

September 18th 2020

Time Ticketing System Hello everyone! I searched the Archive for posts on this topic but didn't find much outside of a Cuseum webinar announcement so I hope I'm not asking for something that's already been discussed. We're a university art museum that is currently open only to campus audiences. We're hoping to reopen to the public when the students leave at the end of the semester (which is early this year). We will need to do timed tickets and are looking at platforms. Cost is an issue and we ...Continue Reading

Re: November 2020 Symposium

September 17th 2020

Re: [talk] November 2020 Symposium Thank you Sydney, I'll share with all I can. Have a great rest of the week. Sydney S. Garcia -- Pronouns: She/HerMA in Anthropology, San Diego State UniversityUnited States Marine Corps Veteran (Sgt) "I recognize that I currently reside in the Hawaiian Kingdom and homeland of Native Hawaiians past and present. I extend my respect and gratitude to the Kānaka ʻōiwi, Kānaka maoli, Hawaiʻi maoli, and to the many Native Hawaiian peoples who call these islands ...Continue Reading

November 2020 Symposium

September 17th 2020

November 2020 Symposium Hello, I hope this email finds you well. I am writing on behalf of the Coalition of Master’s Scholars on Material Culture with an introduction to our platform. The Coalition of Master’s Scholars on Material Culture, or CMSMC, is an online publication run by Master’s Scholars for Master’s Scholars in an attempt to bridge a gap in scholarship. CMSMC is dedicated to helping emerging master’s scholars by providing a platform to publish their work and contribute to t ...Continue Reading

Passenger Pigeon Manifesto

September 17th 2020

Passenger Pigeon Manifesto Dear All, I would like to share news about a publication that just came out and is very relevant to the museum field: "Signed by a large number of professionals, the Passenger Pigeon Manifesto is a call to public galleries, libraries, archives, and museums to liberate cultural heritage that has already been digitised." The Manifesto: [1] It was published by multiple platforms online and will appear in print publi ...Continue Reading

Survey to document the effects of COVID on museum education

September 17th 2020

Survey to document the effects of COVID on museum education How has COVID19 affected the art museum education field? Research and evaluation firm, RK&A has partnered with the NAEA Museum Education Division to better understand the impact of the pandemic and recession on our field. Whether you are employed, laid off, or furloughed, your voice and experience matters. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey so we can document this pivotal time. Multiple staff from the same museum are en ...Continue Reading

😷 Trump Loaded Fake Art On Air Force One During France Trip | Paris Museum That Features Nudes Refuses Access To Woman In Low-Cut Dress | Tate Denies Strike Breaking

September 16th 2020

=?UTF-8?Q?=F0=9F=98=B7_Trump_Loaded_Fake_Art_On_Air_Force_One_During_F?= =?UTF-8?Q?rance_Trip_=7C_Paris_Museum_That_Features_Nudes_Refuses_Access?= =?UTF-8?Q?_To_Woman_In_Low=2DCut_Dress_=7C_Tate_Denies_Strike_Breaking?= Welcome back to GLOBAL MUSEUM, your award-winning & free online compendium, read weekly since 1998 by 8,000+ readers in more than 201 countries. [1] ** The Louvre of Africa: 8,000 Works and 101 Ancient Masterpieces While it may have come to th ...Continue Reading

AASLH Annual Mtg Online and Affordable

September 16th 2020

AASLH Annual Mtg Online and Affordable Don’t miss the [1]2020 AASLH Annual Meeting! Registration closes this Friday. Sessions begin online September 24. Three choices for registration: Full Access: $55 members; $75 non-members Basic Access: $35 members; $45 non-members Limited Access: Free In addition to professional development and critical issues, there will be discussion groups, brown bag lunches, and happy hours designed to connect you with colleagues and keep things social. ...Continue Reading
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