The History of Museum-Ed
Museum-Ed began as a discussion list created in response to an Education Committee (EDCOM) luncheon at the 1995 American Association of Museums Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. At the luncheon, museum educators expressed a need to create a network for the easy exchange of information. With that goal in mind, the Museum-Ed Discussion List was created by Kris Wetterlund and Larisa Somsel. In 2003 the list was upgraded and moved to the Museum-Ed Web site to provide additional support and services. By late 2004 the discussion list had exceeded 1000 registered subscribers and Museum-Ed applied and was approved as a not-for-profit organization and conducted its first board meeting in May of 2005. Museum-Ed bylaws are available upon request.

The Museum-Ed Board
The current Museum-Ed board members are: Kris Wetterlund, President and Chair of the Board; Scott Sayre, Secretary; Troy Smythe, Anne Manning, Amanda Kodeck, Christine Castle, Nathan Richie,  Members at Large.

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