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School programs in museums & galleries - Call to list research & evaluations

September 15th 2015

Researching or evaluating school or other programs/resources related to formal education in museums? The September BACK TO SCHOOL issue of MUSEUM EDUCATION MONITOR (MEM) will highlight ongoing museum education research, evaluation and resources related to school programs and continuing education for students of all ages, including curriculum-related programs, ESL/ESD, outreach, loan services and so on. Working in this area? I invite you to share your research & resources with interested ot ...Continue Reading


The Museum-Ed Bookclub is a discussion list is list open to members of the Museum-Ed Bookclub. For more information visit http://www.museum-ed.org/bookclub


Mailing list for PachyForge

Announcing PachyForge and Other Big Pachyderm News!

November 7th 2007

Announcing PachyForge and other big Pachyderm news! Dear Pachyderm User/Developer We are happy to announce the official launch of the PachyForge website ([1]http://www.pachyforge.org). PachyForge is a new, community-owned and operated website designed to improve communications and promote growth within the Pachyderm open-source community. The site is intended to serve both Pachyderm developers and end users in sharing ideas and supporting one another. The PachyForge site offers a wide range ...Continue Reading

talk at museum-ed.org

Talk@Museum-Ed is a forum for discussion, idea sharing and problem solving for the Museum Educator community.

International Museum Day | Digital Transformation Webinar

May 10th 2021

International Museum Day | Digital Transformation Webinar Dear Fellow Museum Professionals, “Museum educators are among the most affected by the pandemic. Digital technologies offer countless opportunities to interact and engage with our publics, and collaborations between the worlds of culture and education can bring benefits to both, stimulating - among other things - critical thinking, active citizenship and well being.” — ICOM Newsletter April-May 2021 As part of Inte ...Continue Reading