🚀 Museum Scientists Help Search For Life On Mars | Deeply Ashamed Museum Guides Speak Out | Bad Ad Director Steps Down | Traumatized Historians & Editorial Freedom Fears | Did The Louvre Just Ruin Its Mural?

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Subject: 🚀 Museum Scientists Help Search For Life On Mars | Deeply Ashamed Museum Guides Speak Out | Bad Ad Director Steps Down | Traumatized Historians & Editorial Freedom Fears | Did The Louvre Just Ruin Its Mural?
Date: February 24th 2021

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**  Natural History Museum scientists play key part in pioneering NASA mission as the search for life on Mars begins

After a seven-month journey through space, NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance rover, a scientific laboratory the size of a 4x4, made its final descent to the Red Planet to begin a search for ancient life.


**  ‘Like The Metro At Rush Hour’: Vatican Museums Reopen To The Public, And It’s A Mess

Museum guide was “deeply ashamed” and “embarrassed” that he had led a group of unsuspecting tourists into a situation which he likened to “Dante’s inferno.”


**  Ionian museums join forces

At a time when most museums across the globe are still assessing the damage caused by the pandemic, the Ionian network which encompasses 14 not-for-profit organizations, are joining forces.


**  Fears over editorial freedom as heritage bodies summoned to discuss contested history

The announcement of a UK government summit on contested history has raised alarm bells over the editorial integrity of the sector.


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**  Director Resigns as Head of Indianapolis Museum of Art

An open letter had called for the resignation of Charles Venable, director and CEO of the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields, after it was revealed that the museum had posted an advertisement seeking a new director capable of maintaining its “core, white audience”.


**  Can Historians Be Traumatized By What They Study?

Several months into the 1942 Bataan Death March research, on a November morning in 2004, historian Iris Chang left her sleeping husband and child at home, drove west into the oaky hills of Santa Clara County, and, on a lonely gravel road, shot herself.


**  'Look after yourself my darling': poignant letters salvaged from 1941 shipwreck

The fragments of a 1941 love letter to a woman named Iris, found nearly three miles under the ocean in a shipwreck, have been painstakingly pieced together by experts, 80 years after it was posted.


**  Fostering a Community-Driven Museum

Our curatorial and learning engagement teams have been working on a community-focused reinstallation for several years; they solicited feedback, asking people to put Post-its on the gallery walls after reading the label copy to say what resonated with them and what they wanted to know more about.


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**  Did The Louvre Just Ruin Its Cy Twombly Mural?

After a renovation of a storied gallery at the Louvre Museum in Paris, the Cy Twombly Foundation has claimed that a monumental ceiling painting by the late artist has been permanently altered, thanks to a new paint job on the surrounding walls and a change in lighting.


**  Islamic 12th-century bathhouse uncovered in Seville tapas bar

A magnificently decorated 12th-century Islamic bathhouse, replete with dazzling geometric motifs and skylights in the form of eight-pointed stars, has emerged, a little improbably, from the walls and vaulted ceilings of a popular tapas bar in the heart of the southern Spanish city of Seville.


**  How We Respond to Art

The deep emotions inspired by looking at a painting, listening to a symphony or reading a poem expand our sense of who we are and how we might live our lives.


**  Seriously Gruesome Death of an Egyptian Pharaoh Detailed in New Study

The forensic analysis of a 3,600-year-old mummy is providing fascinating new insights into a pivotal Egyptian pharaoh and the circumstances of his exceptionally violent death.


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**  Viking age artefacts discovered on Isle of Man declared treasure

The find, which is considered to be internationally significant and believed to be more than 1,000 years old, consists of a gold arm ring, a large silver brooch, at least one silver armband and other associated finds.


**  IKEA No More

The national collections centre would be a busy hub for art, servicing the rest of the country with exhibition loans, maximising efficiency in collection care and allowing the Arts Council to further explore public engagement opportunities with its collection.


**  How to Preserve a Piece of Abolitionist History

Getty’s photograph conservators help to preserve important images like this for posterity so that we can look back at significant moments in the nation’s history.


**  UK National Trust launches pest-control trial combining wasps and moth pheromones

The National Trust has announced a new pest-control trial using natural methods, amid concerns that lockdown closures and fewer staff on site have created ideal conditions for moths to thrive.


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**  When Artists and Scientists Team Up

I feel like a more complete individual in the universe when I’m using both fields in order to study the cosmos and express myself in it.


**  Some skulls in a Penn Museum collection may be the remains of enslaved people taken from a nearby burial ground

More than a dozen skulls of Black Philadelphians, poor and virtually anonymous, are currently held by the Penn Museum in its Morton Collection of skulls, a group of over 1,000 skulls amassed by Samuel George Morton, a 19th-century physician and alleged white supremacist.


**  Some dinosaur migration was delayed by climate, study shows

Plant-eating dinosaurs probably arrived in the Northern Hemisphere millions of years after their meat-eating cousins, a delay likely caused by climate change, a new study found.


**  Million-year-old mammoth DNA rewrites animal’s evolutionary tree

Using the differences between the mammoth and elephant DNA and assuming a constant rate of mutation, the research team was able to derive independent dates for when each of the animals that left a tooth must have lived.


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**  International Museum Day 2021: The Future Of Museums

ICOM has selected the theme for this year’s International Museum Day “The Future of Museums – Recover and Reimagine”.


**  The Twentieth-Century Historic Thematic Framework

A Tool for Assessing Heritage Place


**  The San Diego Air & Space Museum's Virtual BEAM Tour of the Museum

The Museum’s BEAM program enables visitors to tour the Museum through a virtual presence device, known as the BEAM.


**  Last Pickle Delighted To Finally Have Whole Jar To Self

Kicking back as it floated alone in 24 ounces of vinegar-based brine, a solitary dill pickle announced Thursday it was delighted to finally have the whole jar to itself


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